• Daily Wrap Up 28 June 2022

    28 Jun 2022 04:31 PM |

    Stock markets in Europe are on track to finish higher as bullish sentiment is doing the rounds.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 20 June 2022

    20 Jun 2022 04:37 PM |

    Volatility is low in the markets as the US marks Juneteenth. The New York Stock Exchange remains closed, and in turn that has prompted traders in other parts of the world to wait on the side-lines.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 09 May 2022

    9 May 2022 04:16 PM |

    Stock markets are enduring large losses due to concerns about rising inflation, higher interest rates and the war in Ukraine.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 25 March 2022

    25 Mar 2022 07:37 PM |

    Europe welcomes US nat gas deal

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  • Daily Wrap Up 24 March 2022

    24 Mar 2022 08:55 PM |

    Stocks rebound, gold and silver drive higher

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  • Daily Wrap Up 23 March 2022

    23 Mar 2022 04:43 PM |

    A bearish streak has returned to the markets as the ongoing violence in Ukraine is chipping away at sentiment.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 21 February 2022

    21 Feb 2022 04:42 PM |

    The relationship between Russia and Ukraine has gone from bad to worse as it appears that Moscow is calling for the recognition of two pro-Russian regions in Ukraine.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 25 October 2021

    25 Oct 2021 04:41 PM |

    Volatility is low in equity markets due to a lack of major macroeconomic news. The optimism that was in circulation at the end of last week, following the loan repayment from Evergrande, is still doing the rounds today.

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  • Daily wrap up – 4 September

    4 Sep 2017 07:16 PM |

    The markets are looking forward to a number of central bank meetings this week as well as some important economic data. The currency market today saw some price gaps as well as the decline of most of the global stocks with the opening of the week, after the North Korea's the most powerful nuclear test on Sunday undermined investors' risk appetite amid reports that Pyongyang was ready to launch another missile. While the US and Canadian markets closed due to the Labor Day.

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