• Harper: Economic growth isn't strong enough to raise interest rates

    13 Sep 2017 10:18 AM |

    Ian Harper, a member of the Reserve Bank of Australia board, made the following statement:

    • Economic growth is not strong enough to raise interest rate.
    • Australian dollar gains driven by weakness of the US dollar.

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  • Daily wrap up – 30 August

    30 Aug 2017 06:04 PM |

    After the markets calmed down with North Korea's tensions on financial markets yesterday after a missile launch over Japan and fall in the Pacific Ocean, the economic calendar today was full of a significant number of important economic data that had a significant impact on market movements.

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  • Daily Wrap Up – 12 July

    12 Jul 2017 07:22 PM |

    US stocks rose at the beginning of the day after FED Governor Janet Yellen confirmed the gradual rate hike and that raising it again this year would be appropriate. She pointed out that the economy is strong enough to accommodate further gradual rise in interest rates, and reducing the Fed's huge portfolio of bonds.

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  • The week ahead ( 3 – 7 July ) : Eyes on Employment numbers again

    3 Jul 2017 02:13 AM |

    With the start of the second half of 2017, several important economic data will be released this week and are likely to have a significant impact on market movements.

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  • The week ahead (12 – 16 June): Central Banks on top of events

    11 Jun 2017 04:30 PM |

    After a week full of major events, this week comes with a lot of data and events. More than one central bank will be meeting this week to decide on interest rates, but most of the attention will be directed towards the FOMC with the possibility of a rate hike during this meeting. Next to these meetings will be some important economic data that will also play a role in market movements.

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