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Advanced Trading Seminar - Summer Roadshow - Dubai

Fri, 25 Jun 2021
14:00 Duration: Three hours and a half

Raed AlKhedr
Gaurav Kashyap
Mark Lee

About the seminar

Join the Equiti team in Dubai next Friday, the 25th of June, for the MENA Summer Roadshow at The Address Hotel, Dubai Mall!

We are thrilled to be back on the road and to connect face-to-face with the trading community again.

What’s next for the Gold, Oil, and stock markets? This is a unique opportunity to discover the impact of inflation on different financial assets and learn how to identify opportunities while mastering advanced risk tools. The seats are limited, so reserve your spot now!

Please note that this seminar will be conducted in English – if you prefer to attend the Arabic session, click here.

Get to Know Our Speakers

Gaurav Kashyap

Head of Futures Trading - EGM Futures

Raed AlKhedr

Head of Market Research and Analysis at Equiti Group

Mark Lee

Expert Trader & Market Analyst, Equiti Capital

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