Resumen del Mercado

  • ECB keeps its monetary policy unchanged

    25 jul. 2019 03:51 |

    ECB held its current monetary policy unchanged in July, as interest rates were maintained at zero levels while maintaining deposit interest at -0.40%.

  • Weak economic data opens the way for a cut in European interest rates

    24 jul. 2019 04:44 |

    As the global markets await tomorrow's European interest rate and the governor of the bank, Mario Draghi,

  • Johnson becomes new UK prime minister

    23 jul. 2019 04:09 |

    BP continued its decline for the third day in a row amid rising uncertainty over the likelihood of the new UK Prime Ministe

  • What we expect from world markets this week

    22 jul. 2019 03:45 |

    Perhaps the biggest concern for the markets this week is the ECB meeting and the results of the British prime minister's election