Últimas Noticias

  • Tomorrow will be the announcement of the new UK Prime Minister

    22 jul. 2019 12:59 |

    The vote for the Conservative Party ends today, and members of the party will have until 04:00 GMT to vote either for Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt

  • GBP rises from 6 months low

    11 jul. 2019 11:09 |

    GBP rose from a six month low to 1.2529. But the British currency remains low throughout the week in light of the bleak UK economic landscape

  • Forecasts of Fed cut interest rates twice in 2019 and 2020

    10 jul. 2019 08:29 |

    BNP Paribas expects the Fed to announce its decision at the July meeting to cut interest rates for the first time after four years of monetary tightening

  • Japan Industry minister: Export restrictions may increase or decrease

    9 jul. 2019 08:50 |

    Japan Industry minister noted that export restrictions may increase or decrease in the coming period.

  • BOJ governor: will continue the easy monetary policy as long as possible

    8 jul. 2019 09:16 |

    BOJ governor Kuroda stressed the need to continue the current expansionary monetary policy for as long as possible until inflation reaches the limit of 2%

  • Oil prices fell amid fears tensions between US and Iran

    25 jun. 2019 11:59 |

    Oil prices fell on Tuesday amid concerns about prospects for demand for crude, but prices gained support after Washington announced new sanctions

  • China oil companies stopped buying Iranian oil to avoid sanctions

    10 may. 2019 02:43 |

    China Petrochemical Company (Sinopec Group) and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC),